February 2, 2021

8 Weeks every Tuesday 6-8pm CST


The Meditation Master Course is for all levels of students, whether you’re just beginning a meditation practice, bored of your current practice and apps, or looking to take your practice to the next level.

  • Cultivate greater self discovery and awareness 
  • Change your relationship to stress, fear and anxiety
  • Understand the modern science and ancient philosophy of meditation
  • Create new neural pathways to make you a happier person  

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The Practice Lounge difference

This course is intentionally different from other online courses where you often feel simply like a “square on the screen.” The learning process is experiential and interactive led by expert teachers with over 30 years combined experience in the meditation field. We limit the class size to ensure an intimate group setting. 

This course will lead you through a transformative journey from the ancient roots of meditation into the practical application of the practice

What You'll Learn:

Why we meditate: physiological, psychological, and neurological benefits

How to know which practice to use (ie. vipassana, visualization, candle gazing, MBSR, and many more)

Informal mindfulness practices (ie. mindful eating, listening and walking meditations)

Mudras, Mantras and Chakras. Oh My.

Science: Your Brain on meditation

Proven Practices to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and ADHD 

Control your Nervous System with Pranayama (breath work)

How to change the brain’s neural pathways to become a happier human


How not to be hijacked by your emotions (Life-changer)!

Destructive thought pattern interruption (another Life-changer)!

Manifest your intentions and desires through meditation 

What the ancient teachings of the Koshas have to do with meditation (answer: a lot)


Why you don’t need apps to meditate, YOU are your best teacher!

Overcoming common obstacles in your practice

Self compassion and Loving Kindness practices

How to make your personal practice exciting (Yes, EXCITING)



Course Details

  • 8 weeks of live virtual classes
  • At-home live virtual One-Day Retreat 
  • Weekly recorded Lessons for you to keep 
  • Weekly recorded Guided Meditations for you to keep
  • Downloadable Course Materials 
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Qualifies as a prerequisite for Meditation Teacher Training
  • Option to add 1 on 1 Coaching with Instructor


Tuesdays February 2 - March 23 6:00-8:00pm

Day Retreat: Saturday March 27 10:00-2:00 

In order to get the most out of this program, expect to spend approximately one hour every day outside of live class time to dedicate to study, mindfulness practices and meditation. This is an extremely rewarding yet vigorous program. If you don’t think you can commit fully, please consider signing up at another time. 

Tuition:  $697

Use Code JAN15 for 15% off enrollment in January


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