Meditation Teacher Training

Winter 2021


 This is the place to learn more about the theory and practice of meditation and the art of teaching. This program will offer you the space to find and trust the wisdom that resides within you and the confidence to share that wisdom with others.

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The Journey


The Practice Lounge Meditation Teacher Training is a unique curriculum designed to lead you through a journey from the ancient roots of meditation into the practical application of the practice. This program offers you a deep dive into the scientific and philosophical understanding of meditation coupled with the support of a community of like-minded meditators. At The Practice Lounge, you will learn how to find the wisdom within yourself and use that to guide others through their own journey.

The Transformation


Have you ever wondered why you can walk out of some meditations thinking your life has been changed and you have a renewed sense of purpose? While at other times you leave thinking you were just at a TedX self-help lecture (not necessarily bad, just not meditation)? There’s a reason. Upon completion of this program, you will be confident in what makes a meditation authentic, effective, and transformative.

The Wisdom


At The Practice Lounge we firmly believe in the power of knowledge. Not just how to meditate but the why. Our meditation teacher training is meant for those that want to understand why the breath is able to calm the entire nervous system, why the brain reacts differently from a meditation practice, and why mudras, mantras and other powerful practices work. Knowing the why allows you to stand out and speak with your authentic voice as a top teacher in this field.

The Practice Lounge Difference

This course is intentionally different from other online courses where you often feel simply like a “square on the screen.” Our class will come together virtually for Q&A, deep discussions, and exercises to help understand and process the week's lessons. For “Om-work,” you will be expected to review recorded lessons and meditations on your own time. There will be ample time for guiding others with continuous feedback from your instructors.

Who is this course for?

The Meditation Teacher Training Program at The Practice Lounge is for anyone looking to deepen their practice as well as those with the desire to teach and guide others. The material is presented in a way that is accessible to all students even if you have no prior teaching experience.  This course is not for those just starting their path of meditation. You don’t have to be a guru meditator, we just ask that you have a current personal practice.

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The Learning Process

The learning process is experiential and interactive, designed to give you supervised practical application of the study of meditation and teaching. Expect to finish the training feeling completely confident to guide others with proficient teaching skills and how to market yourself as a Certified Meditation Teacher.  Most importantly, you’ll leave with a stronger knowing of your purpose in life, a deeper sense of the wisdom that innately resides within YOU, and overall, a happier human. 


  • Regular meditation practice
  • Full attendance and participation in daily virtual classes (missed classes will be discussed on an individual basis). 
  • Beginner’s mindset with a willingness to support your fellow classmates
  • Completion of all readings and Om-work assignment
  • 20 Minute daily meditation practice throughout the length of the course