What's Your Dosha?

Angie Koehler
Tuesday, May 25  6-8 PM CST 
This workshop will introduce you to the concept of Ayurvedic doshas and teach you how to create more balance and healing in your life.  Have your laptop handy as we will be taking this 5-minute dosha quiz during the session.



Trauma Transformation

Kate Ryan

Coming June!

Learning to use meditation to change your mindset and release old stories so that you can trust and heal yourSELF.


Become Your Best Self with the Enneagram

Alicia Del Real
We review the principles and structure of the Enneagram, as well as an overview of the nine personality types. This will provide each individual with an understanding of their natural strengths and development areas. 



Co-Create with Your Innate Inner Wisdom

Kristin Urbanus

You will be guided through an inner process that assists you in moving into your heart + deepening your connection to your inner knowing and a sense of well-being that is always accessible.



Chakra Balancing Flow + Reiki Meditation

Molly Black
Tuesday, April 13  7-8 PM  CST

Join us for a rejuvenating evening of mindful movement and meditation. Molly will lead you through a chakra balancing yoga class, followed by a Reiki meditation. Chakras are centers of energy in the body. Balancing your energy centers increases your sense of calm, improves your quality of sleep, and increases your sense of grounded energy. After this class, you will feel balanced and renewed!




Our workshops are designed to take you beyond just your sitting practice.This is a space for deep discussion and experiential learning on various meditation topics. Create connection with other like-minded people as you study new philosophies and learn new skills to incorporate into your practice.

The Practice Lounge 2021 Workshop Series:


April 13 - Chakra Balancing Flow + Reiki Meditation

April 22 - Become Your Best Self with the Enneagram

May 1 -  Awaken to your Inner, Innate Wisdom

May 25 - What's Your Dosha?

June 8 - Ayurveda for Wellness and Self-care

June 22 - Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

July 14 - Launching Your Online Digital Course

July 28 - Mudras and Mantras and Chakras, Oh My!

August - Raising Less Stressed Out Kids

September - The Science of Meditation

September - Breath Less, Stress Less: Are you breathing all wrong?


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